1. Sales data visualization by ZoomCharts

    This application demonstrates the advanced possibilities offered by ZoomCharts javascript charting library

  2. GeoChart

    An interactive map

    All usual map gestures to control the view PieCharts show clients and resellers by regions Tap on a PieChart to view spread by categories
  3. TimeChart

    TimeChart shows sales grouped by time

    Swipe TimeChart to schange time period Pinch TimeChart to control zoom level Tap on a TimeCharts bar to zoom in
  4. Legend

    List of the most popular categories

    Click on a category to filter / unfilter data
  5. Search

    A full-text google-like search form

    To search in all data enter a keyword To filter results by a particular country, enter country
  6. Filters

    All active filters are shown here

    Click on a small cross to remove a filter
  7. Search results

    All found companies are listed here

    Scroll the list to see more results Click on a company to view detailed profile and display its financial connections on geochart
  8. Search results: resellers / clients

    Switch the list view

  9. Enjoy the data

    ZoomCharts SDK allows to create future UI today!

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